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Business Girls from Genius Dolls
It all started with Gabriela and Julia, and their dolls Victoria and Grace. They wanted to take them to school and asked for a uniform for their dolls. Mom figured out a way to do it and My Genius Dolls was created!
The 18-inch customizable doll school uniform was My Genius Doll’s first product: the doll school uniform with the kid’s own school logo is cute and unique. The logo customization is quite easy with our video tutorial and it comes already gift packed. Our customers were very happy! Dressing the doll to school in matching uniforms incorporates school into playtime, which motivates the love for learning, and helps girls become more involved with their own school.
Thinking of the importance of playing with dolls, My Genius Dolls -- and our doll experts, Gabriela and Julia -- decided to create other cool, cute and affordable doll outfits.
The first suggestion we got was also a request from Julia: “please make a unicorn outfit for my doll”! Since we all love magical animals, tutu skirts and fantasy, My Genius Dolls developed a special Unicorn Outfit for 18-inch dolls! It came out so cute that people absolutely loved! It was a big hit on Amazon!
After winning the hearts of the girls with the Unicorn Outfit, and having already established a reputation for matching outfits, we received requests for a matching headband for girls. So, My Genius Dolls also launched a Matching Unicorn Headband for both doll and girl. It is on Amazon and it is very affordable, which makes it a great party favor, small gift or stocking stuffer.
What will be next? We have plenty of ideas for new outfits! My Genius Dolls creations will certainly motivate girls to play with their dolls and have fun! So keep posted on social media for news, promotions and giveaways: @mygeniusdolls
Come along with us to enjoy the magic!

"Play Is The Work of the Child” Maria Montessori

"Play gives children a chance of practice what they are learning" Fred Rogers

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Meet our team
Genius Dolls - Denise Carvalho
Denise, mother of Gabriela and Julia and CEO of My Genius Dolls.  Denise loves having the house full of friends and family and she trully believes in unicorns.
Genius Doll founder Gabriela
Gabriela, 10 years old.She is one of the founders of My Genius Dolls and plays an important role on the company, specially in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Gabi is a 4th grader and on her free time, she loves reading, singing and dancing.
Genius Girl from Genius Dolls
Julia, 7 years old. Together with her doll, Victoria, she is one of the main models of My Genius Dolls and the inspiration behind the unicorn outfit. Juju is a 2nd grader and she loves pets, unicorns, babies and Nutella. When she grows older, she wants to be a pediatrician or a pet vet.