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Top 10 toys that will keep your kids away from screens!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Kids spend too much time on cell phones, tablets, videogames, TV… Some parents even worry about them becoming addicted to technology, as this may damage the brain development. Instead of parental control and apps to limit screen time, why not invest on toys that are so cool and smart that your kids won’t even remember the Iphones and Ipads? Yes, there is a better way to decrease the average screen time without having to put time limits on technology use!

Here is a list of the top 10 interesting toy ideas to engage girls and reduce their screen time with no effort!

1) Perler Beads: kids can create lots of interesting forms while improving their fine motor skills and concentration. They can work alone or with friends and they only need adult help to iron on the beads after they finish. Kids can produce nice little gifts with the beads and even mailing them to family is easy, as they can fit inside an envelope! You can find many options of perler bead jars, buckets and pegbords on Amazon starting at US$ 11. This one is a starter kit that comes already with the best type of storage for the beads!

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2) Beautystar Colorful Mannequin Head

This is a perfect toy for girls who like to comb hair, learn braids and special hairstyles. The mannequin doll with a 29 inch colorful hair is beautiful and has good quality. You can find it on Amazon in other colors of hair as well, starting at US$ 26.

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3) Science subscription kits: There are many subscription for kids that are delivered monthly. Mel Science is a Chemistry subscription kit that is delivered every month with 2-3 experiments and costs US$ 50 per month. It is a wonderful way to engage kids in Science and it is a huge success at our home. The experiments with chemical reactions are very exciting and surprising, even for parents! It is designed for kids between 9 and 14 years old, but younger ones can participate with a parent to help out. There are others like Kiwi Co as well that focus on arts and other experiments, but we truly recommend Mel Science.


4) BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone - It is a full karaoke system with wireless Bluetooth speaker and compatible with all smartphones, including iPhone/iPad and Android. Kids and adults love to sing along!

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5) 18 inch dolls: Girls can play for hours with their dolls! And accessorizing their little ones with nice looks can be a lot of fun! Amazon sells American Girl Dolls such as Blaire Wilson, the girl of the year 2019. They have a huge variety of dolls in American Girl Stores and online. Other 18 inch dolls such as My Life As, from Walmart, Our Generation, from Target are more affordable. A bit less quality but the same amount of fun!!!

The doll clothes we recommend are, for sure, Genius Dolls ones!! Girls get really exited when they dress their dolls in Genius Dolls outfits, and they can be playing for hours!!!

Blaire Wilson on Amazon

All 18-inch doll Accessories

6) Slime Kit Jumbo DIY Clear and Fluffy Slime Kit by Creative Plays: yes, we all think slime is too messy, but kids love it, and it doesn't involve technology, just a good amount of chemistry! So why not get a little messy and give them an amazing sensory tactile experience that relieves stress and give them a brain break after school? While making the slime may not always work, this slime kit comes with clear slimes already pre-made and some extras to make your slime unique! And the clear box can store all the mess after the fun!

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7) Klutz Make your Own Soap Science Kit: Kids love to make something on their own! These soaps smell great, are easy and fun to make and they end up so pretty! It is an accomplishment to make them and they can become nice little gifts for teachers and friends! So fuel the young crafter inside your child!

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8) Rainbow Rubber Bands Kit By INSCRAFT: this kit super complete, comes in a box for storage, and have so many extras that will make your kids entertained with a creative toy for days!!! There rubber bands of so many types (glow in the dark, neon, metalic, tie die and many others!)

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9) Matching Unicorn Headbands - does your girl think it is the coolest idea to match unicorn headbands with her doll? Our daughter Julia certainly thinks so! That's why Genius Dolls created this unicorn horn set: so that girls play with their dolls and let their creativity and pretend play go wild!

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10) Klutz Pom Pom Puppies: Make your Own Adorable Dogs Craft Kit

Can you imagine making those cute puppies with simple instructions and some yarn? This was a big hit at our home. The girls loved and they ended up really cute!

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