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A little bit about us

It has been a while since we wanted to introduce ourselves properly to all our customers, followers and friends. 

We are not a big company nor a powerful brand (yet 🤣).  We are a small company run by a mother and 2 underage girls. 🤪

I’m Denise. I was born in San Francisco, California, and I moved to Brazil when I was an infant, where I spent most of my life. I graduated with a major in Economics and I worked in consulting, banking and government where I learned a lot but I was never really happy. 

Our family moved to Florida 3 years ago, when Gabriela was 7 and Julia was 4 years old. Both girls had a hard time adjusting, none of them spoke any English, nor Spanish, at the time. We always loved American Girl dolls and all the 18-inch dolls, so this was the path I used to help Gabriela adapt to a new culture, a new language and a new life. 

Genius Dolls started less than 2 years ago by designing school uniforms for dolls, matching with the girl’s school uniform. It had a wonderful effect on how Gabriela saw the challenges at her new school!!! It even helped her making new friends!! 😊

At the same time, my old friend Dinia started selling on Amazon and helped me navigate through this wonderful channel! Involving Gabriela and Julia on a real business gave them the ability to learn new skills, value entrepreneurship and the privilege to be living in the United States. 

We had a long conversation about values and together we decided that our company’s mission is to create beautiful things for kids, and kids at heart, that would keep them away from electronics!!! We also decided that we would treat our customers as good friends, serving with quality and good price everyone that buys with us. 

It wasn’t always easy, for any of us, but 3 years after moving to the US, I love what we do, I’m passionate about the American Girl Instagram and Facebook community and I cannot be happier! Gabriela and Julia are happy and adapted! They are fluent in both English and Portuguese, and very happy at school, surrounded by great friends and wonderful teachers! In the afternoon, they come home from school asking about Genius Dolls and with great ideas of what girls like! 😉

And our business is growing as we are becoming a best seller on Amazon!! 🙏 We can only thank our amazing customers/friends/followers. We are always thinking about you, creating things to make you happy and worrying about quality and affordability. 🙏

We wanted to let you know that we are there to be reached through any channel, whatever and whenever you need! We are not a big company. We don’t have employees. We outsource our production and the fulfillment and deliver is made through Amazon but we take care of everything else. You will always reach me, Denise. And it will always be a pleasure to speak to you and help in anything we can.💗

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